Welcome To Ron Lawton Painting

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Welcome To Ron Lawton Painting. We are a professional painting company with more than 30 years of experience. We service the Orlando, Florida area.

We specialize in:

Exterior and Interior Painting

Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Wallpaper Removal

Wall Texture

Custom Faux Finishing

Call Us Today To See How We Can Make All Of Your Remodeling Dreams Come True!

Why should you choose me over other painters?

I have been painting here for over 30 years. I have lots of knowledge, recommendations and great ratings. I use an 8-step pattern that is explained elsewhere on my website. We are good painters, respected, and trusted.

But that is not why you should choose me.
You should choose me because I am honest, reliable, and picky. I will tell you what it takes to get your house painted right, and I do it with quality work, with top of the line materials, and for fair prices. When we decide on the colors and specs and cost; the responsibility becomes all mine to take care of prepping and protecting your investment: your home.

We Are The Pros. We do it right. No shortcuts. No Junk. I never dilute paint to stretch it. I never pigment primer, and I don't call paint primer. It is all chemistry. Paint protects. Primer preps the substrate, and bonds the paint to keep it there. Most painting problems come from poor prep, and poor products. I prep your house right and I use the best products.

* Free Estimates

* 8 Step Process
* Top of the Line Products
* 30 Years of Experience
* Lots of References

About Price: Mine is fair. Think about this: The poor job is remembered long after the cheap price is forgotten. Here is some honest advice: It is better not to paint a house at all, poorly. It is vandalism. How do you retrofit proper bonding with un-primed, cheap paint in your way? When everything starts peeling or fading, where is the investment's value going?

When you are ready for quality, or if you already prefer quality, give us a call, and see why we are so highly recommended, trusted, and appreciated. Do you know why I love to paint for nice people? It is because they appreciate what we do, and they are pleased with what they see, and it makes our work a joy to do.

Call Today For a Free Estimate:
Home: (407) 339-1155
Cell: (407) 256-8981
Email: Ron@RonLawton.com
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