Welcome To Ron Lawton Painting

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 We have done all aspects of home repair and remodeling, but in recent years we are trying to keep things simple and we major in interior and exterior repaints. We still replace wood that we find needs it, as we prep the place. My sister, Barbara Prest works with us to do special Faux work and artistry.  She has been sent to Colorado and to Brussels to do painting projects. She has a large portfolio of wonderful artwork she has done for people. We have also done bricking on interior and exterior houses. The walls of a kitchen are made to look like brick, or the stucco trim around windows on the exterior are made to replicate the existing brick on the sides of the garage door, for example. We do a lot of removal of popcorn ceilings and replace it with knockdown texture. We also restain wood doors, or repaint stained wood. We often have to remove wallpaper and fix the substrate and texture and paint the de-papered walls. I want our painting to last, and to bond well, and bring pleasure to you, the owner. I want to use quality materials and quality workmanship. I want my painters to be skilled and have good character and I want you to feel good about us and about the project. I want the price to be fair for you and for me. I want you to feel confident to tell your friends about us, knowing that they will thank you for it later. I want to be your only painter, for life.

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